From zero to Task hero!

What is Task?

If like me you’d like a “how to” cheat sheet that walks you through the process of getting projects, teams and payments up and running on the Task platform, then this article is for you. 

Let me breakdown the process of going from zero to Task hero!

1. Is your account ready?

To create a Task account, download the mobile app, and create an account using the mobile app. We don’t allow accounts to be setup via the desktop as mobile authentication is more secure.

Don’t be shy – please do update your profile as users you invite to your project teams will want to know who you are. 

With your account setup, login to the desktop web admin area which is where you’ll do most of the management of the project you create.

2. Create a project and add some tasks

The first thing to do after you login is to create a new project. Feel free to play with as many community projects as you – if you require more privacy consider upgrading to a paid subscription. 

Adding tasks is easy, you can always edit/delete or clone them later on – you can add task briefing details, or link out to external docs. Critical is defining the feedback you will want from a Tasker, the person working on your project. 

3. Build up your team

Inside the desktop admin area you can start to invite team members to work on your project. You can also invite team members from inside the mobile app too! You may want to give different team members different permissions – this means you can have other team members helping you to manage the project.

4. Verification and payments

While you may have projects where there is no need for you to check the work thats been done, sometimes you’re going to want to verify the completed activity

Tasks that require verification get sent to the verification team who can authorise the completed work directly from the mobile app. It’s particularly important to verify the work thats been done if you are paying Taskers with tokens.

5. Redeeming tokens for rewards

Your team will want to know what they can redeem their tokens for. If you have enable tokenised payments on your project, you can add redeem options

6. Integrating with other systems

While we will be adding new ways to analyse your data and create custom dashboards for your projects soon – you can already integrate Task with the applications you already use.

You can use Zapier to add new tasks or send completed task data to and from 1000’s of other applications, setup webhooks if you have some technical knowledge and much more.

Remember, you don’t have to setup payments with Task. A lot of what I’ve written here is very much optional. But I wanted to give you an overview and written walk-through and what you can be creating on the platform.