Transparency and insight for Funders

What is Task?

One of the great side-effects of Task’s mission to track activity is the benefits it brings to organisations and individuals providing funding to projects.

What does this mean?

When you pledge support via Task, you are going to get real-time and ongoing information that shows you, as a supporter, how your donations are being used.

How does it work?

When you provide support to a project, Task:

  1. Sends the funds to the team behind the project you’re supporting so they can get on with their mission.
  2. Converts the funds you provided into “TASK” tokens which we use for tracking activities against funding. We add these tokens to your “Funding Wallet” which is provided automatically.

The team behind the project you are supporting can allocate the budget they require to complete an activity. Let’s say they want to provide an education seminar that costs $100 to run – they will allocate this amount to the task that tracks these education seminars, which you will see in the project timeline and analytics.

Increasing your confidence

You will see the Performance Rings on projects that request funding. The outer ring shows the funds received. The inner ring shows the funds tracked.

Well managed projects should typically show the funds that are being tracked to be near the funds received (unless the aim of the project is to build up a target amount first before being able to complete the work).

Protecting you as a Funder

When you believe in a project, there is of course some feeling of trust and belief. Remember it takes time for a project to gain momentum, so give teams a chance to build up their track record.

But for organisations and individuals who want to support long-term change – use Task to setup regular donations to causes. You can check in and see how your funds are being used anytime, and if you’re concerned around any lack of ongoing transparency, you can simply pause or cancel your subscription.