Setting up task verification

Setting Up and Managing Campaigns

Task verification is an important way to make sure completed activities are genuine, especially if you have created payments against successful tasks. To get verification running:

1. Define the verification team

Each project has a team, and every team member can have permissions defined. Go to your team page inside a project, and assigned the “Verifier” status to any team member you want to verify tasks.

NOTE: The Project Owner is automatically defined as a verifier. You may start a small project with just one person being required to do the verification.

Team members can both do task and verify tasks – or you may wish to split the Taskers able to complete tasks from those who verify them.

2. Enable verification on your tasks

Any tasks that you want to be verified, you enable this at the task level. If you have already added tasks, edit them and update the “Verify task?” setting.

3. Get verifying

That should be it. Any team member who is a verifier will now get notified when there are tasks that require verifying. When you look at your project list, tasks requiring verification will look like this:

You should read this article for more information on how to verify task from your mobile.