Managing tasks (edit, clone, delete)

Setting Up and Managing Campaigns

There are a number of ways you can manage tasks via the task builder.

1. Editing tasks

To edit a task, click the title area of the task. it will become highlighted and you will see the task information appear in the right hand panel. Edit and details and click the button to update.

2. Clone (replicate) a task

Click “Clone this task” and you will see a copy of the task you have duplicated appear on the right – with the title “Copy of…” the copied task title. Edit as you require and save.

3. Delete a task

You have two routes to delete tasks:

  1. “Delete task” will remove that particular task from your project
  2. “Purge task queue” should be handled with extreme care – as this will remove ALL the tasks in your project

There is no way to restore deleted tasks, so use this area with care.