Pocket Money recipe setup

What is Task?

This guide will step you through the process to setup a Pocket Money project to use with your kids. Here we go:

1. Login to Task desktop

First you need to login to the desktop version of Task. If you do not yet have a Task account, create a free one here.

Important! If you already have a Task account on your mobile make sure you use this account, don’t create a second one as you’ll be confused later on!

2. Make your copy the Pocket Money recipe

Once you’re logged in to Task desktop, visit the Pocket Money Recipe page

Check the tasks that will be added and untick any tasks you do not want to include in the import. Once you are happy, click “COPY PROJECT NOW”.

You will now have a copy of the Pocket Money project in your Task account.

3. Add payment tokens

If you want to use the Wallet in Task – so that your kids get payments of tokens that they can exchange for rewards that you’ll define in Step 4 – then you’ll need to enable tokens on this project.

We recommend you pause right now, and click the button below to request your free order of POKO tokens. One of our team will add 10,000 POKO tokens to your project for you to use.

Request your free POKO tokens

(Note, if you have tech skills or are a blockchain enthusiast, feel free to create your own Stellar token using our guide here.)

4. Setup rewards for your kids

Finally, add some different rewards for your kids to exchange for the tokens they earn. You will need to specify a wallet address to send the tokens that have been redeemed by your kids – we recommend you return them to the public address of the wallet you used in Step 3.

This is a great opportunity for you to incentivise the behaviour of your kids. For example, you can provide weighted rewards for them to choose such as:

  • 400 POKO tokens for $10 cash
  • 400 POKO tokens for a $20 donation to a cause they’d like to support
  • 300 POKO tokens for $10 to be put into their savings account

You are ready to go. Invite your kids using their email addresses from the desktop, or send them invites from the mobile app. Once they join your team, remember you can send them messages.

Any problems or questions – just ping our team in support.