A Stellar wallet funded with Lumens (XLM)

Team payments & rewards

Before you go down the road of setting up your own tokens, you are going to need to understand a bit about how Stellar operates and the way in which it uses “Lumens” to fund activity.

If this is fells too complicated for you – you can pull the ejector cord and use our service in which we can setup your token for you.

Creating a Stellar wallet

There are many ways to create a Stellar wallet. There are lots of Stellar wallet providers listed here, we have found Lobstr to be pretty good. 

Funding your wallet with Lumens

Without Lumens in your wallet, you cannot create new tokens or fund the creation of new wallets (which you’ll need when creating your custom token).

Exchange purchase

To purchase Lumens, you’ll need an account on an exchange like Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, or any other exchange that supports XLM trading.

You’ll also need to exchange Fiat funds to Bitcoin or Ethereum to then send to the exchange so you can purchase Lumens (Coinbase is a good place to do this).

With a Stellar wallet created and funded with Lumens, you are now able to add your account to Stellar.army and then create your own token.