Create your Stellar-based token

Team payments & rewards

It’s easy to create your own token using your account. We’re going to create “Issuer” and “Distributor” accounts for your token – makes this really easy for you. If you’d like more background on why we need to create these two accounts read this blog

Login to your account, and:

  1. Make you are on the public network
  2. Select the ICO Manager navigation
  3. Select “Create Token…” from the menu

In the Create Token modal you will set 4 items:

  1. The symbol of your token (here we are setting up the task TRIBE tokens)
  2. The amount of tokens you will issue
  3. The home domain for the token (this is where you will host your Stellar.toml file). This is not required, but it is important to set up the Stellar.toml file if you plan for your token to be used, exchanged or financed outside of the Task platform
  4. Your “funding account” which fund the setup of your new token on the Stellar network using Lumens

After you create your token you should see your Issuer account created, and the tokens that were created moved from the Issuer account through into your distributor account.

Select the “Click to reveal” links to view your private keys – DO keep these keys very secure because:

  • If you lose them you will lose access to the token you have created, and there is no way to restore access
  • If someone gets hold of them, they can steal your tokens

OK, you have successfully created your own token! The next step will be to send some of these tokens into a wallet you will use to fund your project.