We will configure a project to use tokens - once we do this:

  1. Everyone who joins this project will automatically get a wallet created for this token and
  2. The "points" field that is defined with a task will determine how many tokens get awards when the task is completed

Adding details inside the mobile application

Setting up project wallets as well as making payments is done from the mobile app and not the web interface because mobile apps are more secure. To configure the wallet:

  1. Tap the options menu in the top right of the project homepage
  2. Choose "Payments & Rewards" from the popup menu

Tap "Enable tokens on this project".

Now fill out the form with these details:

  1. The private key of your funding wallet (this will mean you are authorised to make payments)
  2. The token name (asset code)
  3. The public key of the issuer account for the token

Add these details and tap the "Add project wallet" button.

Viewing the project wallet

If the correct information was provided you will see:

Click OK - and you will see the balance of your wallet - the specific token as well as the Lumens (which are required to fund certain actions).

You have token payments active on your project!

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