Token payment options – automation versus security

Team payments & rewards

Task offers you two methods to complete payments – automatically (when a task is completed), or manually (you will process the payment queue). Lets look at the pro’s and con’s.

Automated payments

Automated payments are set up inside the web administration area. This means that when a task is completed (note that if verification is enabled, a task is not defined as complete until it passes verification), the payment is automatically sent to the Taskers wallet.

Often this is the optimal solution. If you trust your verification process (which you should 😃), and/or the people in your team, there is no need to add a layer of manual payment processing.

So what is the drawback?

In order for Task to process the payments on your behalf, you have to store your private key on the Task database. While we maintain high levels of security and also encrypt your token before storing it, it does mean your private key exists outside of your control.

There is an easy way to minimise concern here. Simply setup a dedicated project wallet and maintain controlled levels of funding to this account. In event of anyone gaining access to your private key, your exposure is minimised.

Manual payments

Manual payments are setup inside the mobile application. This means that when a task is completed, the payment is added to your payments pending queue.

We will send you a push notification so you know you have payments to process. In this case, the private key lives on your mobile only, and gives a higher level of security.

However, the experience for your users is not as good – they will experience delays in token payments as inevitably you cannot process all payments immediately. You also have the overhead of needing to stay on top of payments so you team feels confident that payments arrive consistently.

So why do this?

If your token value (for example) was $500 for a token, you may require an extra layer of security before releasing payments.

Our recommendation

We recommend maintaining a project wallet with limited funding so you can let auto-payments run. Just be aware that if your wallet runs out of funds, your team will not be able to complete tasks!