Why do some automated payments not work

FAQs and Troubleshooting

You have enabled automatic payments, but sometimes you see “Payments pending” appearing and you need to manually completed payments. Why?

As you (hopefully) know, Task uses Stellar tokens when making payments from your project to users. Consequently there are a number of reasons why automated payments don’t work:

  • When a new user account is created, we setup a new wallet for them. If this goes wrong, we retry later on. The user might have a payment due before the wallet is fully setup.
  • When a user chooses to work on a new project with a new token we have to setup “trust” for the token they’ll get paid with. Sometimes this fails and we have to set up this trust at a later point in time.
  • The Stellar network sometimes has issues and this can delay payment completion. Rare, but it can happen.

As a consequence, if Task tries to make an automated payment and it doesn’t go through, it then gets added as a Pending Payment for you to process manually.