Specify the tasks to be processed by Zapier

Developer Resources

Sometimes when you are sending the completed data from a project out to Zapier, you do not want every task to get processed by the Zap.

To fix this, you are going to add conditions to your Zaps using filters, the question is what will you use to create a condition inside the exported Task data that will be consistent?

Enter meta data

After you have saved a task (or you edit an existing task), go look at the JSON view of the task data – you will see the meta data field which looks like this:

"meta_data": {},

Update this to read something like:

"meta_data": {
"your_condition": "true"

and save your task. Note, you do not have to use a true/false condition here – use anything you like such as:

"zapier_process": "true" (or false)
"task_name": "task1" (or task2, task3, task10... etc)

It is up to you – but by providing this in your task data that is sent to Zapier, you can then create filter conditions in Zapier such as “if task_name=task3 then do this zap”.

Once your meta data is setup you will need to send a fresh sample to Zapier that contains your new meta data information, and using this you can setup your condition.