How to setup funding using Paypal

Fund raising with Task

Task allows you to manage donor funding – users can provides funds to your projects, and as you track activities you can denote the use of funds against these activities.

Enabling your project for funding

To enable your account for funding, first click the “Edit Project” button, and then choose “Funding Management” from the left have menu. You should see a PayPal connect button:

You should see a login to Paypal (unless you are already logged in):

After logging in you will be asked to give task some permissions – these allow us to gather some key information we need so we can automatically send funds to your account. Click the “Agree” button:

You will now be redirected back to your task project – if all has worked correctly you will see your Paypal account has been connected:

This now means when you enable funding, all donations will be automatically sent to your Paypal account.