Creating a Task Template landing page

Setting Up and Managing Campaigns

When you create your Task Template, you have the option to develop a full landing page – a place where visitors can land, understand the value proposition of your Task Template, and signup.

Some of the sections are optional, but lets take a look at the full breakdown of the landing page you can view here:

You can edit and control 4 sections of the landing page:

  1. The header and subtitle
  2. The subheading and supporting copy
  3. 3 benefit boxes – image, title and description
  4. The feature section header text and 4 x feature boxes with title and description

In the Task Template administration popup you’ll use 4 sections to create a landing page:

  1. Display name and description at the top of the page
  2. Publishing options (if you’d like to add a YouTube video
  3. Subheading section
  4. Benefits section
  5. Features section

These areas match the sections you’ll see on your landing page once saved:

Different viewing options

After you have created your landing page, there are different ways you can view or share it. Using our example landing page

You can also dynamically control the page header and subtitle which we cover here.

With your landing page completed, you can drive traffic to the page.