When you create your NFTs on The Blue Marble you can use Stripe for the primary sale - which provides an easy card checkout process.

We use Stripe Connect - because this means we can allow you to split your sales revenue with Campaigns you would like to support. Let's run through the setup:

Access setup via the Wallet

Before you can access Stripe Connect, you need to setup your wallet first. If you wallet has been setup, you will see the "Set up payouts" button on the left:

Clicking this button will take you into the process of creating an account with Stripe that connects your TBM account:

Stripe will lead you through their onboarding process (see the countries currently supported for Stripe Connect).

Once you complete the sign up process with Stripe, you will be redirected back to The Blue Marble website.

On your Wallet you will now see a new "Payouts" tab. Click this to see balance and recent transactions, as well as a button to open up your account on Stripe:

You are now ready to accept payments using Stripe Connect.

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