This guide is designed to help you publish your Recipe so it can be listed in the Task Recipe directory - creating useful off the shelf projects and tasks for other people to use.

We are strict on how the Recipes are setup before they are released publicly - so use this document as a checklist as well as instruction on working and communication.

Project & task checks

When we sign off your Recipe we will check your project for a few things.

Project overview

On the project overview page:

  • Title and description should be clear and easy to read over the image you have chosen
  • Image should be sharp and high quality

Task format

Please check your tasks have:

  • Clear titles and descriptions
  • Use imagery where possible to keep things lively

Header details


The title should let the user know exactly what the Recipe does. A good example is "Pocket money tracking for 9-12 year olds"


Use the description to explain who the Recipe is for, and how it's expected to be used (Recommended character count: 190).

YouTube video ID

This is optional - add the ID of any YouTube video and it will play in the Recipe landing page

Feature set

For publishing to the Task directory we require at least 2 feature blocks completed. Each feature block consists of a title and a descriptive text.

Feature title

Recommended character count: 25

Feature description

Recommended character count: 120

Please be sure to check your work, the feature title should not be more than 1 line, and the description text should be 2 or 3 lines. Please be sure your description text uses the same amount of lines for design consistency, example:

Going live

When your Recipe is ready for publishing, send an email to with your Recipe URL and we will check it before publishing to the directory.

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