Here's a quick breakdown of the Task mobile app!

Bottom navigation

  1. Timeline - will show timeline updates from all the projects you are involved in or that you follow

  2. Discover - find out information around Task and the community, join projects and find inspiration

  3. Projects - Projects you are a team member of get listed here, its the main area for you to work in

  4. Notifications - alerts and updates relevant to you

  5. Wallet - See what you have earn't and redeem tokens for rewards

Top profile icon

Click your profile icon in the top left to reveal the profile drawer.

  1. Link to your profile

  2. A list of transactions (tokens you have earn't or paid out)

  3. Control the Push Notifications and alerts that get sent to your phone

  4. Find help anytime

  5. Chat directly with the Task support team

Next, make sure you update your profile.

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