Creating a project from a Recipe takes a few seconds - and is a really quick way to start a project that's been thought out and the activities to track setup for you. You can learn how to create a Recipe here.

To create a project from a Recipe

First - IMPORTANT - login to the account you want to add the Recipe in to. Then load the Recipe URL, you will see something like this:

  1. Name of the Recipe
  2. Video that gives information on the Recipe
  3. Description of the Recipe
  4. Creator of the Recipe

Scroll down to see the list of all the tasks that will be imported and setup:

You will see that any of the tasks to be imported can be deselected. If you untick the box next to the task, that task will not be imported. Once you uncheck any tasks you do not require, scroll down to the bottom:

Click "Create Recipe" - and the project and tasks will be instantly setup inside your account ready to go.

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