Task lets you create a "Recipe" from any of your existing projects. A Recipe contains all the project setup information, plus all the tasks too. It's great because:

  • You can give your projects to others for them to utilise or
  • Make copies of your projects

Create a recipe

Login to the desktop, go to your project you want to make a Recipe from. Click "Edit Project", then "Advanced settings" - you should see a button "Create recipe from this project":

Click the button, this popup will appear:

  1. This is the title of your Recipe
  2. The YouTube video is optional - it is a video in which you explain what your recipe is about. Insert the ID of the video
  3. Provide a general breakdown of the project you have created a recipe from and what the user should expect
  4. Ignore the "Publishing options" section unless you plan to publish your recipe in the Task community directory.

Click "Create":

You will see a URL of your recipe. Save this web address, it is a unique address that links your recipe which anyone can now use to create their own project.

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