In order to be able to create redeem options against tokens in your project, you must have Stellar token payments setup and running first. If this sounds like too much trouble, just use our TASK tokens with our growing redeem services.

With token payments active, you will see the "Redeem" tab appear in your project:

When you load the Redeem page, you should 1. see that your token wallet is enabled (with the correct balance) and 2. click the "Add new option" menu item:

The new redeem option form will appear, first add:

  1. The name of your offer
  2. The terms of the offer, other details, and any other information that will tell the Tasker what to expect when the reward is being processed
  3. An icon for the option (must be more than 320 px wide)
  4. The destination wallet address. This must be a valid Stellar wallet address, you could send redeemed tokens to your user wallet or a project wallet.

Once this information has been provided, a drop down appears that allows you to define what service you'll be using. Currently Task supports "Email redeem request", more will be released soon: 

After you choose the email option, you then fill out:

  1. The email address you want the redeem notification to be sent to. This will be the person (or people) responsible for sending the reward to the Tasker
  2. The number of tokens that need to sent in order to redeem against ONE unit of whatever reward you are offering

In my example, I will say I'll offer a "Hug" in exchange for 5 NIKSTERS tokens... and will then click save. This is what you would expect to see:

You can edit the details of the redeem offer. If I login to my mobile app, view my wallet and look at the NIKSTERS token, I can see my new redeem option is live. 

You will see the same for any redeem option you set up for your own tokens! Any problems, please talk to us.

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