The easiest way to setup and run tokenised payments is to utilise the TASK token, Tasks own USD pegged utility token.

Using TASK tokens means you don't need to worry about creating token redeem options. We'll do it for you with a range of useful localised payments such as USD and THB.

Purchase TASK tokens to have them sent to your chosen Stellar wallet. You can then add TASK coins as the payment for any projects you manage. 

When you configure your project to use tokens for payment, you will need to know:

  • Token name (asset code): TASK
  • Public key of the issuer account: GDMU2HB2UM7KR4UJMDQGOP35YZP5HZFP5ZMKUN6NYJPR3OUBSLQ3XABE

The Task team is at hand to help you setup, contact us anytime.

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