Task is a platform that connects organisations to individuals so that projects can be outsourced via mobile devices in the form of auditable tasks.  

Organisations collect business critical data, which along with Task’s verification and proof of work capabilities, allow individuals to be rewarded for taking part.

Key features

  • Create projects with tasks that can be distributed to "Taskers" who complete the work from their mobile phones
  • Verification of tasks to allow appropriate checks to be performed by team members before a task is considered complete 
  • Provide payments using "blockchain tokens" that provide high-levels of tracking, as well as forming part of a "redeem system" that allows transfer of these tokens to traditional currency or rewards/vouchers
  • Bespoke reporting that means organisation can report back on the work they are achieving, with immutability thanks to the data being stored within the tokenised blockchain ledgers
  • Task connects to other applications to allow automation and control of workflows, as well as export of data into third party systems

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